Food Pack Converger
Food Pack Converger

Food Pack Converger

Pack Leader, JentonAriana BCS Range, is an automatic, multi lane, Food Pack Converger, designed to take multi-lanes of fresh food packs, reduce and channelize them to a single lane.
It is the most economic solution for converging thermoformed packs into a single line.
The Pack Leader BCS is simpler and cheaper than previous channelizers or convergers, but uses advanced control technology to be more adaptable and far easier to use and maintain.
Automatic Food Pack Converging is now an affordable option for users of smaller thermoformers.

Main food applications include:

  • Red meat
  • Cheese
  • Poultry
  • Fish and Fresh Produce

Main Features:

  • Quick change belts
  • Simple HMI system to set speed and food pack separation
  • Programmable memory for pack format changes
  • Direct pack collection from thermoformer
  • No extra conveyor required
  • Easy to adjust infeed heigh
  • Small footprint – short length
  • Stainless steel construction