Bundling, Binding, Strapping

Tying Machines for bundling, binding and strapping, are self-contained and stand-alone, integrated into automatic conveying systems or customized to a specific design. Whether cable coils, injection moldings, cut flowers or band saw blades, these machines and the yarn used for tying, bundling, strapping and binding, have been designed to ensure that they are all securely held together

The ADT Binder, was developed for its cost-saving and universal application, tying and binding products with a thread in approx. 1 second

This Tying Machine can bind and process a variety of yarns, threads and elastic ties depending solely on the product’s needs. Ideal for bundling products with uneven surfaces, gently binding and strapping sensitive products, securely and tightly tying up heavy products. Even small or particularly sensitive products, such as fresh vegetables, are bundled and packaged securely and safely.
  • Rapid changeover
  • Yield: about 1500 per hour
  • Compact design
  • Rubber feet provide a stable base and protect the ground